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At easisaver.com, you can compare a variety of insurance products with just a few simple clicks. We'll compare the best rates from our panel of available insurers to take the strain off of you – which could help you save money. You will stay in control of your search to generate the best prices for a range of policies to cover your vehicle, home, life or holiday plans.



Easisaver.com is a price comparison website in Nigeria. We compare a wide range of trusted names offering a variety of insurance policy products. You can be confident we'll help you find a great deal. The quotes we find for you are not estimates – the price you see will be the price you pay, guaranteed.


What makes us unique?

The easisaver.com team are always trying to improve our services so we can make it even easier to compare prices and help reduce the price of your insurance quotes:


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We compare top brands to find you the cheapest car, home and travel insurance in Nigeria. Easisaver.com makes sure you get the best prices from professional and reliable Insurance companies.


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